Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery and installation process?

Our team will arrive at your destination via flatbed truck with all their tools in tow so they are ready to start the install. 

If you have a steep driveway or narrow street, it might be hard for our installation sub-contractors to get their truck and trailer into your home. Please let us know if this could be an issue before arrival. 

The installation crew will confirm the order with you, then get to work installing it. Depending on how complex your steel structure is, this process can take 1-2 days.

How long does the process take?

Processing and sending in your order only takes 20 minutes.Delivery time will vary depending on your location and what we have going out to your area at the time. We like to give you a delivery date when you place the order so it can be the most accurate.

How do I need to prepare for the delivery and install of my new metal building?

1. To avoid any disruptions in the installation process, be sure to call 811 if you know where water or electric lines are running so they can mark them for free.

2. Level sites are required for a successful installation. Prepare level lot by moving earth if necessary to create an even surface and avoid any cut leg fees or other additional labor/return trip costs -charges that might be incurred when working on slopes with uneven surfaces

3. The concrete pad for a building should be the exact measurements of the building. 

4. Clear the way for us by clearing all obstacles in and around your installation site such as cars, recreational vehicles or debris.

5. Installation crews need a minimum of 36” all around the building to fasten any wall paneling, end wall framing, and trim.

It’s always wise to make sure your site is prepared for an installation because not doing so could result in additional labor charges or even a return trip fee!

Is it cheaper if I order from the manufacturer direct?

It would be the same exact cost. We work together with manufacturers to service the largest possible area, and we only work with top of the line manufacturers.

What does it mean when a building is “certified”?

Certified means your building would be guaranteed to withstand a certain wind and snow rating.

What kind of foundation do I need for a metal building?

We can install metal buildings on almost any surface and we do not cover any foundation work or cement.

Does A to Z Carports & Buildings cover permits?

You are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits, but we will make sure your building meets any code your county may have. Once you obtain your permit you will need to call us and provide us with your permit number.

Can I order a custom building?

We can build almost any layout you have in mind. For the custom metal buildings you will need to call us directly for any pricing.

What materials do you use?

All of our framing materials come standard as 14 gauge (2 1/2”) fully galvanized tubing, we also have an upgrade to 12 gauge (2 1/4) tubing if needed. Your panels will be 29 gauge fully galvanized and the paint is baked on those, we do have an upgrade for 26 gauge panels also!

Are you a dealer or a manufacturer?

A to Z Carports & Buildings is a dealer, which means our company sells structures for the leading manufacturers. Our goal is to find you the best price and quality and a fast delivery. We give you multiple options and let you decide which manufacturer to go with.

What areas do you service?

Georgia – GA, North Carolina – NC, Ohio – OH, Pennsylvania – PA, South Carolina – SC, Tennessee – TN, Virginia – VA and West Virginia – WV.

How do I know what type of building I need?

That’s why A to Z Carports & Buildings is here. We can help identify your unique metal building needs. If you are not sure of the building type, style and size, our metal building specialists can help you. We are just one phone call away from building a metal building to perfection, no matter whether it is a garage, warehouse, or shop.

Can I choose the design and color of my building?

Yes, you can select the design and color of your custom steel building. We can help you make a well-informed decision. At A to Z Carports & Buildings you can find a variety of options in terms of design, color, siding, and roof styles. All you have is to choose the most suitable option to suit your building needs and specifications. We have all the right expertise and skills to help you customize a metal building. 

Can I put windows and doors on my steel building?

Of course, you can put new windows and doors on your steel building. We can customize the metal building design to integrate windows, doors, lights, and much more. Discuss us today what you want and we will be more than happy to customize your building. 

Could you make additions to the building that’s already been installed?

Yes, we can make additions to the building even after it has been installed. Our expert team can guide you about the complete process of custom metal buildings. Whether you purchase a carport or barn, talk to our project management team to learn of the additional cost for add-on features later. 

We understand how difficult it can be for you to decide on the additions. At A to Z Carports & Buildings, our professional metal building experts can help you make additional changes without any hassle. Most importantly, we can offer helpful tips for upgrading your custom steel carport or any other metal building. 

Do I need a building to be certified?

It usually varies from one state to the other. Some states require new buildings constructed to be certified, while others require new structures to be inspected. So, the exact requirements for metal buildings to be certified vary depending on the state. 

At A to Z Carports & Buildings, we can prepare and install metal buildings to meet the criteria for certification. For the certification of your building, all you need is a copy of the blueprints for the engineers to review. One of our expert customer service representatives can guide you about getting a copy of the blueprints. 

Are the steel frames safe and secure?

Steel buildings, without any doubt, are the safest and durables options. At A to Z Carports & Buildings, all our steel frames are built to meet the local site structural building codes. Our professional team can build safe and secure steel carports, barns, RV covers, and much more. Our custom steel buildings last longer to help you save money in the long run.

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