Base Rail

Square tubing, the base of the building to which the legs attach to the sleeves.

Boxed-Eave Roof (also known as A-Frame)

Boxed-eave units are designed with an A-frame roof truss and horizontal roof panels. This modern design has made this style unit one of the most popular available. An upgrade to a boxed-eave style roof is both stylish and affordable.


U-shaped steel brace attached from the leg to the roof bow and at center of the roof to provide stability.

Corner Trim

A section of metal trim used to neatly finish the exterior corners of a structure.


Part of a wall that encloses the end of a pitched roof and also protects from weather elements.

Garage Door

White canister roll up doors that gathers into a roll when open.

Hat Channel

Horizontal metal beam that runs the length of the building to provide the ability to attach sheet metal for a vertical roof.


A J shaped piece of trim that is put along the exposed edge of metal that gives the roof a finished look and provides safety from the edge, also used to give finished appearance of windows and walk-in doors.


Metal trim used as decorative finish on the panels of regular style carports to provide a finished look.


Square tubing that attaches to the sleeves welded to the base rail, to determine the height of the building.

Regular-Style Roof

Regular-style standard roof units have rounded corners and are considered the “basic” of carport designs. Acting as a founding product for all other designs, the standard roof unit is typically the most economical and affordable product.

Ridge Cap

Designed trim to cover the joint between two sides of the pitch of the roof.


3’ wide sheet metal horizontal or vertical.

Roof Bow

Square tubing bent to shape to make the roof of the building. Bows are connected to the building’s legs and hold the panels on the roof.

Side Panels

A 3’ wide sheet metal to enclose sides or ends of the building.

Vertical Roof Style

Vertical roof units are designed with an “A” frame roof truss and vertical roof panels. Hat channel runs the length of the unit to cross brace the roof and provide a mounting point for the roof panels. This design helps to prevent weathering elements such as rain and snow from “standing” on your building. Vertical-roof units come standard with ridge cap and specially-designed wider trim that gives the product a modern, finished appearance.

Vertical Trim

A special made trim used to finish vertical style buildings.

Walk-in Doors

A door for access to and exit from the building for individuals.


A specialized Z shaped strip of metal trim used to separate side colors on a vertical deluxe style building.

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